This wiki site was started to have a central location to discuss and work on decoding the McCormick Code. I first read about this on PhysOrg and then read the FBI's original write-up. The FBI currently is asking the public for help through a dedicated tip line. I felt that maybe I could crack the code but that the chances would be much better if a very large group of people worked together to solve it. Therefore I chose to start this wiki as a tool for collaborative work by anyone and everyone. It is my hope that this will allow us to help the FBI solve this decade old mystery.

As this is a wiki you are free to add to it and adjust it to best suit this exercise. I will be very flexible in my administrative hat. I will remove obscene edits and anything that violates the wikidots terms of use. Other than that play nice and we can all work together.

I have setup a Forum and a Theories page to start. I would like to see a page setup for any theory that is come up with. From there it will evolve and grow.

These are the images of the code: